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We remind each of our members, their family members and friends of the policies regarding usage of our parking lot on Gallows Road.

Outside the pool season (Closing Day in September - Memorial Day Weekend) the gravel parking lot is CLOSED, except for specifically authorized vehicles: cell phone tower maintenance, pool contractors, and Woodburn Elementary School events on certain dates for which the school has pre-arranged.  Of course, the parking lot is open for Pool-organized events in the off-season such as the Pumpkin Hunt, work parties, and Board Meetings.  The parking lot is not to be used for residents, employees, or visitors to Brightview.  Furthermore, it should never be used for construction vehicles, realtors, visitors or residents of the newly-constructed homes adjacent to us on Gallows Road.

Any vehicle parked in our parking lot, for any duration of time, will be towed.  This includes members of HRARA.  If towed, please refer to the contact information for Boulevard Towing that is clearly printed on the sign at the entrance to the lot.  If you are towed, logistics and fees must be worked out directly with Boulevard Towing.  The Board cannot and will not advocate on your behalf or refund towing fees.  No exceptions.

The parking lot is closed during the off-season for a number of reasons: to reduce wear-and-tear on our parking lot surface, eliminate liability from injuries or accidents occurring in the lot area, and to prevent mischief and/or damage to pool grounds and property.

This policy was first announced to members at the August Shareholders Meeting.  It is being reiterated here.  Please share this information with members of the Pool and other members of the community.

HRARA Board of Directors