Here are a few important things to know…

Photo IDs are Required for Admission

Photo IDs are required for entry to the pool facility. Save time at check-in and upload your own photo (just a headshot – no hats or sunglasses, please). Just log in to the eSoft portal and go to My Account / My Profile. Alternatively, you may have it taken the first day you come to the pool.

Unaccompanied Minors

Youths aged 11-17 are allowed to come to the pool alone as long as a parent member agrees to HRARA’s unaccompanied minor policy. To complete the necessary form, log in to the website, go to My Profile / Profile, select ‘Minors’ on the gray submenu, and complete the necessary form. Both parent and child must agree to the policies. Children who do not have this form completed will not be allowed to enter the pool property without a parent or guardian present. Those aged 14 or older may be designated as a babysitter in charge of other children. (NOTE: A new Unaccompanied Minor form must be filled out at the beginning of each season.)

Parking at the Pool

Please remember to drive slowly in the parking lot and watch for small children. If the lot is full, parking is available on neighborhood streets including Executive Avenue and Hemlock Avenue. From Hemlock, you may walk behind Woodburn Elementary School, pass the playground, tennis courts and field and take the path through the woods to the pool property.

Break Time!

Every hour, the pool observes a 10-minute break time when swimmers ages 15 and under must exit the pool completely. Please remind your children to observe break time by sitting on the lounge chairs or enjoying the pool grounds. Children are not allowed to sit at the edge of the pool or keep their feet in the water as a safety precaution.

Swimmers 16 and over are welcome to stay in the pool during break time. If a lifeguard asks a swimmer to observe break time, please comply with the request. If there is a disagreement regarding the age of the swimmer, please have the swimmer confirm their age at the pool house.