June 8, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Holmes Run Acres Recreation Association (HRARA) has decided to establish a modest Shareholder Pandemic Assistance Fund to support those members of our pool community who may be facing some financial distress due to the consequences of Covid-19. This fund will be financed by voluntary donations from shareholders of HRARA and financial assistance will be distributed to shareholders of good standing for the 2019 year who are in need of financial help. The Fund will be overseen with discretion by three members of the BOD. Any assistance available will be contingent on the amount of funds donated by other shareholders. The Fund will remain in existence through the 2020 year, ending in September 2020, whereupon the BOD will decide on whether it is necessary to continue it.

If the fund is discontinued, any remaining funds will be turned over to help finance pool operations. If you are interested in contributing to the Shareholder Pandemic Assistance Fund, please provide a donation here: