One-on-one lessons are available at Holmes Run Pool! Whether you are just starting out as a new swimmer or want help to improve your performance in swim meets, our swim instructors can help.

Swim Instructors

HRARA instructors vary in age, experience, and style. For private lessons, you have the opportunity to select your swim instructor. When deciding, consider which teacher will be the best fit to accomplish your specific goals: basic flotation and comfort in the water, encouragement to learn swim strokes, or refining technique and efficiency for experienced swimmers. Each instructor is assigned a slightly different rate, depending on their training and experience

Meet the Swim Instructors

Swim Lesson Rates

Blue Level: $30/lesson, $125/five lessons

Red Level: $25/lesson, $105/five lessons

Yellow Level: $20/lesson, $85/five lessons

Swim Lesson Location

All lessons take place in the Upper Pool in the lane near the pool steps. Parents may choose to observe from the chairs on the pool deck. Younger swimmers may focus better when mom and dad are not nearby, so in some cases it could make sense to leave your swimmer and teacher alone. All swim lesson aids will be provided. Safety is our #1 priority and a lifeguard is always guarding the Upper Pool during lessons.

To Sign-up for Swim Lessons:

  1. Log in to your Membership account. If you have forgotten your password or need other technical assistance, please contact the Swim Lessons Coordinator. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!
  2. Select your instructor. To help you with your decision, you can discover who is teaching this season and read about their background experience on the Swim Instructors page.
  3. Choose a lesson slot. Lessons are available almost every day, and different times of day in order to accommodate many schedules. Cancellations are acceptable with 24 hour notice; within 24 hours, there can be no refunds. If the pool is closed due to thunder or other reasons, members are encouraged to reschedule. More slots are added over time, as instructor availability is confirmed.
  4. Pay for your lesson. Lessons may be purchased one lesson at a time or in a discounted pack of 5. Payment in full is due at the beginning of the first lesson. If a 5-pack is purchased, that is credited to your account, so members may “bank” them and schedule any time in the future. For example, you may reserve 2 lessons now and later come back to schedule the other 3 lessons.
    • Pay online. Lessons may be purchased by credit card online.
    • Pay by check. If you prefer to pay by check, do not reserve your lessons online. Instead, contact the Swim Lessons Coordinator to submit your requested day, time, and instructor. A confirmation will be sent to you (Note: availability cannot be guaranteed).

If you have forgotten your password or need other technical assistance, please contact the Swim Lessons Coordinator (contact form coming soon).