5/28/2020 On May 27th the HRARA Board of Directors met online to determine the specific procedures for opening this season and allowing members to reserve lanes for lap swimming. After much consideration we have decided to delay the opening of the pool until Saturday May 30. This will allow us the time necessary to develop the lane reservation system, communicate specific rules and policies to the membership and ensure that the management staff is prepared to operate the safest environment possible for all of us. The “Early -Bird” discount has been extended through May 29, 2020. As you are all aware, we must begin the season under specific guidelines issued by the Governor. This is unfamiliar territory for all of us, and the board is committed to doing everything possible to make this season enjoyable for all our members. The information outlined below is our starting point for the season. We expect that policies and procedures will evolve based upon your feedback and changes in the restrictions we must operate under.

Reserving Swim Sessions

To begin the season, lanes for lap swimming may be reserved for a period of 45 minutes. After each session, the facility will be closed for 30 minutes so that staff can clean the facility prior to the start of the next session. We have reduced the time to swim from one hour to 45 minutes to try and accommodate as many members as possible. We will monitor the usage during the first week to determine if this is working and make adjustments based upon feedback and analysis. A scheduling system is being developed. We will send out an announcement as soon as it is available. You will need your eSoft Planner login to make reservations, which is the same system used to pay for memberships online.

To begin the season, members will be able to reserve up to two swim sessions per week, per member in the household. (i.e. A family membership of 4 individuals can reserve up to 8 sessions in a one-week period.) We will not be able to guarantee members a minimum number of sessions per week. You may call the front desk for same day reservations if any are available and it will not count against your weekly allocation. Physical “walk-ins” without a reservation will not be available.

Detailed information on reserving swim sessions will posted on the website.

Safety Measures

Several safety protocols are being implemented to make visits to the pool as safe as possible. We ask that if any members do not feel well that they refrain from coming to the facility to swim. All members are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering at all times except when swimming. Social distancing will be required while entering and exiting the facility as well. Only the bathrooms in the upper bath house will be available, the lower bath house will be closed. We ask that all members use the restroom and shower prior to coming to the pool to swim. Bathrooms in the upper bath house may be used if necessary. There will be no vending machines offered and the water fountain will be out of service. Members may bring a personal water bottle with them to the pool if desired. Additionally, staff will not be issuing kickboards or any flotation devices for lap swimming. Members must bring their own equipment to use during lap swimming. Your cooperation with these protocols is important so that we can help ensure the safety and well-being of all our members and staff.

The 2020 season is finally here. While we do not know what the future will bring, we are all hoping that you will join us this summer. We will continue to communicate changes as we progress through the season and hope to hear from all of you. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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