The HRARA Board of Directors (BOD) is charged with managing the daily operations of the facility, ensuring safety for members and guests, and advocating an ever-improving atmosphere. As we are a volunteer-run organization, we rely on the active participation of members in our community for all to benefit.

Board of Directors


President: Mark Sites

Vice President: Danius Barzdukas

Secretary: Scott Cunningham

Treasurer: Christopher Ogilvie


Planning: Danius Barzdukas

Membership: Rebecca Traish

Communications: Barbara Foley

Operations: Pat Tierno, Michelle Mowrey

Engineering and Maintenance: Pat McClosky

Landscaping: Laura Wright, Emer O’Donovan

Swim Team and Swim Lessons: Emer O’Donovan

Activities: Laura Champe Mitchell

Weather Safety: Mike Lyons

Additional Directors: Tina Rafalovich

Join the Board!

Elections are held at our annual shareholder meeting at the end of each summer. Elected members serve for two years. If you are interested in running for the Board or would like to nominate someone, please use the form below to let us know. If you would like to learn more about what is involved, use the Contact Us form to contact the President or chat with any of the current members.

Nomination Deadline: Saturday, July 24
Shareholder Meeting: Saturday, August 21

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