Holmes Run Acres Recreation Association is an all-volunteer organization. 

The HRARA Board of Directors (BOD) comprises of volunteers with a wide variety of experiences. The BOD is charged with managing HRARA’s daily operations, ensuring member and guest safety, and planning our ever-improving atmosphere. If you would like to be part of the HRARA BOD, and participate in the shaping the club’s future, please use the Contact Us form to contact the President or chat with any of the current members.


President: Mark Sites

Vice President: Danius Barzdukas

Secretary: Scott Cunningham

Treasurer: Christopher Ogilvie


Membership: Rebecca Traish

Communications: Michelle Mowery, Barbara Foley

Activities: Laura Champe Mitchell, Barbara Foley

Planning: Danius Barzdukas

Operations: Pat Tierno, Michelle Mowrey

Engineering and Maintenance: Joe Tripp

Landscaping: Laura Wright, Emer O’Donovan

Swim Team: Emer O’Donovan

Additional Directors: Tina Rafalovich, Mike Lyons