Swim Leadership

Teens have many opportunities to be leaders in the Holmes Run Pool community. Strong teen swimmers who work well with children can be lane leaders if they join the swim team, summer camp counselors, and swim lesson instructors.

Apply for Teen Swim Leadership Positions

Many teens in the Holmes Run Pool community have grown up spending their summers swimming on the Hurricanes swim team from a very young age all the way through high school. During their time on the team they become skilled swimmers, often mentoring the young swimmers who come after them. If you are such a teen, we encourage you to apply for one or more of our swim leadership positions.

Swim Team Lane Leader

The Holmes Run Acres (HRA) Hurricanes seeks Lane Leaders at the start of each swim season.

  • 14+ older
  • Proficient in all 4 competitive strokes
  • Enjoys working with children of all ages
  • Will commit to daily volunteer shifts
  • Will wear a swimsuit and Lane Leader t-shirt to daily practices
  • Able to help "in the water" for safety, stroke/skill demonstrations, etc.
  • Will commit to daily volunteer shifts, including Evening Swim shifts
  • No cell phone use on the deck
  • Follow all instructions and set/interval plans from Head Coaches
  • Will exhibit exemplary sportsmanship, clean language, and encouragement to all swimmers
  • Must keep swimmers "on task" and will keep notes on swimmer skills and progress</li
  • Should communicate with Head Coaches about swimmer readiness for B-meets and A-meets

Summer Camp Counselor

HRARA hires camp counselors for part-time employment helping campers from Camp Rodef Shalom (CRS) learn basic swimming skills.


Pod Leaders manage a group of 3-4 counselors and their camper groups. Must have prior CRS experience and excellent writing skills. (This position may lead to Camp Manager in future years). Must be at least 16 years old.

Counselors provide swim instruction to groups of 3-4 children. Must be 14 years old and have a work permit submitted by a parent.

Counselors in Training (CIT) support counselors. Must be at least 13 years old. Limited prior experience.


Training: One half-day of training, date TBD.

Season: Camp runs from June 24 to July 16 (bonus days through August 1).

Schedule: Camp days are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. There is approximately 4-5 hours per day of work for 11 camp days (plus 6 optional *bonus* days).

  • Past experience as a junior swim team coach or team swimmer. Certification in CPR/First Aid is a plus.
  • Coaching skills that include basic swimming techniques and comfort working with young children.
  • Strong work ethic; ability to focus on campers (no cell phones, no socializing with other counselors).
  • Providing in-water, hands-on swim skills instruction for swimmers from K-3rd grade. You will work directly with 3-4 children in the water for 3 consecutive lessons each day.
  • Provide a positive, fun learning environment for all campers.
  • Following the instructions of the program manager for each daily lesson.
  • Provide written feedback about each camper daily.
  • No exceptions on time arrival. Tardiness will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Set up and clean up the pool area before and after lessons.

Swim Lessons Instructor

HRARA is seeking swim instructors ages 16 and over to teach individual and group swim lessons. Instructors must be members of HRARA with experience and expertise in the areas described below; current lifeguard certification is preferred. Instructors will operate as independent contractors and be responsible for scheduling, teaching, and managing lessons independently. Orientation to the pool and scheduling software will be provided. If interested, please submit an application online. A limited number of positions are available.


Rates are dependent on instructor training and experience.

Level 3 Swim Instructors, although relatively new to swim instruction, are skilled swimmers who have gained much of their experience competing on the Hurricanes swim team. They are able to teach young children who love the water and are excited to learn how to swim.

Level 2 Swim Instructors are older and more seasoned than Level 3 instructors, they have moderate to extensive experience teaching and are certified in AED, CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding. They are able to teach any type of student of any age.

Level 1 Swim Instructors have extensive experience at teaching and are certified in AED, CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding. They are able to teach beginner level swim students who need extra support or advanced swimmers looking to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge.


Training: Swim instructors will need to attend a training session, date and time TBD.

Self-Promotion: Swim instructors will need to attend at least one of two Swim Instructor Meet & Greets. Attending both events gives swim instructors the advantage of meeting more potential clients and acquiring more swim lesson sign-ups.

Season: Swim lessons may be offered to members from Saturday, June 1 to Friday, July 26.

Schedule: Private and semi-private swim lessons may be conducted every day. Although swim instructor schedules may vary, a consistent, weekly commitment to given day(s) and time blocks is highly recommended. Members often like to schedule a consistent time with their preferred instructor. The group lesson schedule is TBD, pending member interest feedback and swim instructor availability.


Instructors must have demonstrated skills in the following areas

  • Aged 16 or older.
  • Basic water safety, survival and swimming skills to help children gain water competency.
  • Higher-level swim skills to help prepare people of all ages for any aquatic activity.
  • Stroke mechanics for all competitive strokes as well as starts, turns and headfirst entries.
  • Fundamentals of diving from a diving board
  • Helping people with disabilities and other health conditions enjoy the water safely.
  • Certifications are recommended, not required. Relevant certifications include: Basic Swim Instructor (BSI), Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Lifeguard, First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
  • A non-family person who can confirm swim instruction abilities.
  • Prepare and conduct lessons that encourage progressive skill development tailored to each student.
  • Ensure the safety of all students.
  • Assist lifeguards by enforcing all HRARA policies and procedures.
  • Keep track of my scheduled lessons.
  • Check my email for booked lessons. Lesson notifications will be sent by email.
  • Arrive at the facility no later than 15 minutes and at the poolside no later than 5 minutes prior to lesson start time. (Late arrival, even by one minute, will result in the lesson being paid at 50% of your lesson rate.)
  • Be prepared by having equipment ready.
  • Be responsible and mature in dealing with students and parents.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the Operations Director, students, and parents.
  • Contact other instructors for substitutions when necessary and communicate schedule changes as needed.

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Apply to be an Assistant Coach

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Apply to be a Lifeguard

Premier Pool Management, Inc., hires and manages lifeguards for Holmes Run Pool. Please download and complete the application linked below and then upload it here along with a scanned copy of your RedCross Lifeguard Certificate (if you have one).

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We are fully staffed for this season. Please check back next Spring!