August 8, 2020

An election for Directors of the Association will be conducted this month by mail. A shareholder in good standing may nominate him/herself or another member in good standing by submitting a nomination in writing by mail to the Secretary at the address shown below, or online using the Contact Us form and selecting “Secretary of HRARA”.

Each nominee is invited to submit a statement to be distributed along with the ballot form.

Statements may be submitted by mail or online as above.

Nominations and statements must be received by the Secretary no later than 7 PM, August 22, 2020.

The ballot process will use “optional preferential voting” (where the voter will indicate a preference for the most favored candidate, and may indicate preferences for the second most favored, and so on) with the single transferable vote form of proportional voting (where a vote for an eliminated candidate is transferred to the next preferred candidate, and a vote for a candidate who has exceeded the quota is transferred proportionally to the next preferred candidate).

For memberships with more than one person, one adult member may cast a ballot on behalf of that membership.

Ballot forms and statements by the nominees will be distributed by postal mail, and must be returned by mail (postmarked by the date shown on the form) or in person to the pool office during opening hours (no later than the date shown on the form). Each voter must write his/her name on and sign the inside of the flap of the provided envelope. To protect the secrecy of the vote, ballot forms will be separated from the envelopes when the names and signatures have been verified.