Here are a few important things to know…

Photo IDs are Required for Admission

Photo IDs are required for entry to the pool facility. Save time at check-in and upload your own photo (just a headshot – no hats or sunglasses, please). Just log in to the eSoft portal and go to My Account / My Profile. Alternatively, you may have it taken the first day you come to the pool.

Unaccompanied Minors

Youths aged 11-17 are allowed to come to the pool alone as long as a parent member agrees to HRARA’s unaccompanied minor policy. To complete the necessary form, log in to the website, go to My Profile / Profile, select ‘Minors’ on the gray submenu, and complete the necessary form. Both parent and child must agree to the policies. Children who do not have this form completed will not be allowed to enter the pool property without a parent or guardian present. Those aged 14 or older may be designated as a babysitter in charge of other children. (NOTE: A new Unaccompanied Minor form must be filled out at the beginning of each season.)

Parking at the Pool

Please remember to drive slowly in the parking lot and watch for small children. If the lot is full, parking is available on neighborhood streets including Executive Avenue and Hemlock Avenue. From Hemlock, you may walk behind Woodburn Elementary School, pass the playground, tennis courts and field and take the path through the woods to the pool property.

Break Time!

Every hour, the pool observes a 10-minute break time when swimmers ages 15 and under must exit the pool completely. Please remind your children to observe break time by sitting on the lounge chairs or enjoying the pool grounds. Children are not allowed to sit at the edge of the pool or keep their feet in the water as a safety precaution.

Swimmers 16 and over are welcome to stay in the pool during break time. If a lifeguard asks a swimmer to observe break time, please comply with the request. If there is a disagreement regarding the age of the swimmer, please have the swimmer confirm their age at the pool house.

September 5, 2021

Congratulations to our newly elected members of the HRARA Board of Directors.  Bryan Hogge and James Hoofnagle were elected as new board members.  Additionally, Danius Bardzukas, Scott Cunningham, Emer O’Donovan, Tina Rafalovich, Mark Sites, Pat Tierno and Laura Wright were re-elected and will continue to serve on the board.

Thank you to all of the members that participated in the process and attended the 2021 Shareholders Meeting.

May 19, 2021

We are excited to welcome everyone to the 2021 pool season starting May 29! Due to the Governor lifting restrictions on capacity and distancing week next, we are pleased to announce the pool will be operating under much more normal circumstances than last year. We welcome comments, questions, and suggestions as we gear up for a fun summer at the pool.

Pools: Reservations will not be required to swim in upper, lower, or baby pools. However, one lane in the upper pool will be available by reservation only in one hour time blocks. Instructions for reserving the lane, using the same system as last year, will be made available on our website.

Guest Passes: Members will be allowed to use guest passes only on weekdays until further notice.

Lawn: The lawn, picnic tables, playground, and basketball court will be fully open. Members may have food delivered to the pool.

Decks: Deck reservations will not be available until further notice. However members may use the decks on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Masks: Masks will not be required for members and pool staff while in the upper and lower pool houses, nor while outside on pool grounds, in line with the Governor’s announcement lifting the universal mask mandate effective May 14. We encourage members and staff to follow current CDC guidelines for mask usage for vaccinated/unvaccinated people.

April 9, 2021

2021 Season Covid-19 Impacts

We anticipate that new guidelines for outdoor pools will be issued by the governor by the beginning of May.  These guidelines will dictate our operational procedures.  Once received, the Board of Directors (BOD) will establish appropriate operating procedures and communicate them to you.

Guest Passes

The BOD has held discussions regarding the use of guest passes for the 2021 season.  It is our hope to allow the use of guest passes this season.  We do not expect to make a decision about the use of guest passes until we receive the guidelines from the governor and establish our operating procedures for the season.  The BOD also recognizes that our members from last year (2020) were not able to use their guest passes during the season.  We will look to find a way that our members from last season will be able to use their 2020 guest passes this year.

HELP WANTED! Open Board of Directors Positions

The HRARA Board of Directors currently has two open positions for any member looking to become more involved with the pool.  We are specifically interested in volunteers to assist in the areas of communication as well as engineering and maintenance.  If you are interested or would like to hear more about the BOD, please contact us through the website.

Sponsorships Available

The Board of Directors voted to permit sponsorships beginning this year.  Individuals and/or businesses may sponsor the association and will receive a link on our website and newsletters for the year.  If you are interested in learning more about a sponsorship, please contact us.


After 17 years, the cicadas will be visiting us all this summer.  Please understand that we cannot spray pesticide to prevent them from being on the property.  

August 8, 2020

An election for Directors of the Association will be conducted this month by mail. A shareholder in good standing may nominate him/herself or another member in good standing by submitting a nomination in writing by mail to the Secretary at the address shown below, or online using the Contact Us form and selecting “Secretary of HRARA”.

Each nominee is invited to submit a statement to be distributed along with the ballot form.

Statements may be submitted by mail or online as above.

Nominations and statements must be received by the Secretary no later than 7 PM, August 22, 2020.

The ballot process will use “optional preferential voting” (where the voter will indicate a preference for the most favored candidate, and may indicate preferences for the second most favored, and so on) with the single transferable vote form of proportional voting (where a vote for an eliminated candidate is transferred to the next preferred candidate, and a vote for a candidate who has exceeded the quota is transferred proportionally to the next preferred candidate).

For memberships with more than one person, one adult member may cast a ballot on behalf of that membership.

Ballot forms and statements by the nominees will be distributed by postal mail, and must be returned by mail (postmarked by the date shown on the form) or in person to the pool office during opening hours (no later than the date shown on the form). Each voter must write his/her name on and sign the inside of the flap of the provided envelope. To protect the secrecy of the vote, ballot forms will be separated from the envelopes when the names and signatures have been verified.